Skin Analysis
At Tvachha, we believe in giving your skin all the gentle care it deserves. The first step towards a healthy skin is a thorough understanding of your skin and its concerns.

Visia multi-spectral imaging and analysis system used at Tvachha captures key visual information of the six areas that affect skin health and appearance like:
  • Wrinkles
  • UV spots that indicate sun damage
  • Red spots
  • Bacterial content
  • Skin tone variation
  • Pore size
As a diagnostic marvel, Visia offers its clients a unique look at the health of their skin. This tool provides clinical measurement of surface and subsurface skin conditions and damage including wrinkles, pores, sun-damage and dark spots. Visia starts with a digital photograph of your face which the doctor can use to document the condition of your skin and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment options available to you. The system generates comprehensive reports to add to your record and with which to track your progress to a healthier skin.
Skin Care FAQs
How often is the assessment needed?
The Visia analysis report provides a baseline on your skin health. Based on your skin condition and desires, your clinician may prefer an additional analysis to measure the effectiveness of the treatment and determine further options.
How long does it take?
It usually takes around 15-20 minutes to do a Visia skin analysis.
Will I have any discomfort?
No. There is no discomfort involved during Visia analysis.