As time progresses the face inevitably develops wrinkles and fine lines that are caused by our day to day expressions of smiling, laughing, frowning and so on. Of course the wrinkles and lines are more visible on certain skin kinds.

At our clinic we see your flawless face and not just the wrinkles hampering it. Our Botox treatment is a popular remedy that has helped many people. It is a procedure that hardly takes any time and the results are visible within four days. Within a week your friends will start finding that you look much younger. The procedure is virtually painless and the positive effects of it last for around 6 to 8 months. Very commonly one can observe four kinds of face wrinkles/lines.

Forehead Lines (also called worry lines): Horizontal lines appearing on forehead which become more pronounced when eyebrows are raised.

Bunny Lines: These are formed on the nose and become dominant when one scrunches. When these lines become very pronounced they resemble a rabbit nose.

Frown Lines: As the name suggests, they form between eyes and become prominent on frowning. They are a big source of embarrassment for women as they make smiles look less pleasant and frowns look really bad.

Crows Feet: Typically shaped like crow feet, these lines are noticed around eyes. They get pronounced when someone smiles.


How does Botulinum Toxin (Botox) work?
Botulinum Toxin (Botox) is a purified natural protein that stops nerve impulses to the tiny facial muscles. Thus, the muscles get relaxed and do not contract fiercely. This helps the overlying skin remain smooth, rejuvenated and unwrinkled.

Is it safe?
Botulinum Toxin is being used safely for over two decades now to enhance facial aesthetics. The extremely small doses make it a very safe and sound solution.

Do I feel any discomfort during treatment?
Cosmetic 'regeneration' with Botox is a simple and safe procedure. Using a micro-needle, a small amount of Botox is injected into the face at several locations. It is virtually a painless procedure that requires no sedation or local anesthesia. The pricking sensation is as mild as a mosquito bite and that makes it a lunch-time procedure -- you can resume normal activities soon after.

When lines on the face become stubborn and static then fillers come into play to give the very subtle and perfect  lift to your face,
Dermal fillers are tiny injections  made of substance called hyaluronic acid which equals our body's natural hydrating mechanism.At Tvachha  most advanced materials are used as filler injection.


what is a filler?

Filler is a substance made of hyaluronic acid  which is delivered at the dermal  or subdermal levels of skin through tiny injections .It is used for correction of the deep and static lines on face and neck.

Is it painful?

No it is a relatively painless procedure  and when required the doctor makes the process very comfortable by either using local anaesthesia or an anaesthetic cream over the concerned area for few minutes.

How long is the result going to last?

The result is going to last for  at least 9 months to one year.