Trichoscan is an epiluminescence microscope which captures magnified digital images of hair roots and scalp. It aids the dermatologist in diagnosing patterned hair loss even before the thinning can be appreciated by the naked eye.

This is a boon for women especially as the diagnosis of early stages of female pattern hair loss. This is a huge advantage as most of the medications available at this juncture are excellent at stopping progression but are not always effective at re-growing lost hair. It does help men who present in the very initial stages of patterned hair loss too. Dermatologists who use this would be unlikely to miss rare conditions like diffuse forms of alopecia areata which can be easily treated. 

It is extremely helpful in diagnosing many scalp conditions and in distinguishing between ubiquitous dandruff and its severe variants from more serious concerns like scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.